Uncertain Films, LLL, a Texas Limited Liability Company, recently released its full-length motion picture entitled The Legend of Booger Red.  The movie is now being distributed by Pro-Active Entertainment Group, offices in Memphis, Tennessee and Rancho Mirage, California.  The film is receiving considerable attention because of the actors starring in the movie.  It was the first time nationally recognized race car drivers were used in starring roles.  The movie was shot for TV and DVD sales not as theatrical release.

Uncertain Films is now offering an investment opportunity for its next (2) full length movies which will be shot for theatrical release.  Both motion pictures will be of Mystery/Horror/Suspense genre.  The first feature is entitled The Legend of  Uncertain, Texas, which will be filmed in the swamp of Louisiana with leading actors and cameo parts played by NHRA and NASCAR drivers.  There is already talk about pre filming shorts with several sports channels which leads to tremendous publicity.  Movies starring motor sports personalities will start out with a built-in fan base.  

The second full length featuring, The Unearthly, will be a western with a sci-fi twist filmed in and around Santa Fe, New Mexico, and will feature one of the top actors in the motion picture business.

Behind the scene crews will include personnel who have worked such films as Walker, Texas Ranger, The Rookie, Universal Soldier, and Any Given Sunday, Born on the Forth of July, and other block busters.

The development capital phase for movie investments represents the riskiest part of a motion picture investment, with the actual production less risky from an investment point of view and profit return basis.  I would like to point out that Uncertain Films has completed the development phase of both projects.

Cash available for distribution by Uncertain Films will be allocated 100% to the Shareholders until the Shareholders have received cash distribution equal to 100% of their Capital Contribution, after which cash available for distribution will be allocated 80% to Shareholders and 20% to Uncertain Films.

If you or interested, have any questions, or if you request any further information please contact Uncertain Films, gradybr@earthlink.net, attention Grady Bryant.         

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